Who we are

We are a team of engineers based in Scotland and the USA with a reputation for lateral thinking solutions for practical engineering problems.

Torquer was originally set up to design, develop, build and launch a specialised product, the HALO, to solve a well-known and longstanding problem facing the Oil & Gas sector, i.e. controlling the orientation of containers as they are loaded to and from offshore installations. This is a major problem for the sector and currently, serious health and safety issues exist. There is a major push in the offshore industries for handsfree lifting operations.

The Construction Industry also faces similar health and safety challenges related to controlling load orientation which our product solves.

Torquer provides a very simple, low tech, low cost solution for which there is strong interest from both the Construction and O&G sectors, as well as from health and safety personnel in major organisations. One lifting industry professional recently commented:

This is the most innovative solution I have seen in the last five years

Following the development of a number of working prototypes the company designed and fabricated pre-production HALO units, with which we carried out extensive and successful field trials both in the UK and USA. Further development of the product is ongoing, aiming to improve performance and capability.

Torquer have created the HALO 1600, which is the standard production unit, capable of orienting 99% of loads on a construction site. However, custom units can be built and scaled to suit specific customer applications.